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A Review Of Producer Michael Blakey’s 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

ferrari - A Review Of Producer Michael Blakey’s 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

I never knew who Michael Blakey was till I started following him on Instagram, I had to follow him because I could not resist the pictures of cars he was always uploading on his page. As soon as I launched this blog I wrote a personal message to him asking which of his Ferraris I should do review and in his humble nature he recommended his white and red stripped 2017 Ferrari 488 spider which I think it’s the latest addition to his collection of Ferraris.

MichealBlakey born on the 8th of December, 1958 at London is a record producer, composer, musician, arranger, songwriter and artist manager who has worked with so many big artists including Mary J Blige, 2pac, Coolio, Luther Vandross and many others but asides his passion for music and movies he also has a passion for exotic and luxury automobiles and now I am going to review his Ferrari 488 spider.

Journalists finds it hard to maintain perspective on the launch of a new Ferrari because the is so much to be said about it, no blog can ever give a complete story of how fascinating the sports car I think that is why Michael himself is so overjoyed with the car.


interior - A Review Of Producer Michael Blakey’s 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

The 488’s cabin is essentially the same as its predecessor the 458 Italia. The sleek dashboard remains intensely driver focused – your attention rarely moves beyond the oversized rev counter and the Manettino dial on the steering wheel. Several things have moved with times: Keyless start means the starter switch is now effectively an on/off button, while the infotainment system has become functional at last with extra processing grunt and menu rethink. The seats, their positioning, the view out and the general milieu are all nigh on perfect.


The car comes with a twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8 located just behind the driver’s seat, the 488GTB generates a sonorous wail and ferocious acceleration all the way to 8000 rpm, where it makes 661 hp. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is the sole transmission; we estimate a zero to 60 time of 3.0 seconds. Ferrari’s adaptive suspension is relatively compliant without sacrificing handling. For those who want more V-8 music, the Spider offers a retractable hardtop that raises or lowers at speeds up to 25 mph. Price tag $272,700 (N 98,172,000, 122,1736.91 cedis, 3,683,986.11 rands).


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