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African celebrities that drive pink cars

c8af848f4cfd12c23846f989beced421 glitter car pink glitter - African celebrities that drive pink cars

It seems like African female celebrities are beginning to follow the trends of their Western counterparts buy either purchasing cars or doing paintjobs on their cars, celebrities like Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, BlacChyna and Amber Rose. Have been following this trend for quite some years now and I must say it’s a style that makes them kind of unique when they get to drive out to somewhere.

I have done my research to see how many female Africans do the same thing and all I could come up with was two popular female celebrities, the might be more because I am still researching but I must still talk about this two because of the uniqueness of this trend:


pinky - African celebrities that drive pink cars

She originally purchased the 2014 Range Rover E-vogue in white colour and later on did some paint job on her 240hp, 9 speed automatic SUV, then again she posted a picture of a 2014 416-hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 G550 4matic which I am sure she did some paint job on that then finally came the big girl of the fleet the $317,700 (1,393,114.50 GHANA CEDIS, 4,476,964.86 RANDS), With a 624-hp, V-12 engine and they are speculations that she has a pink Lamborghini Adventador which we are not sure of.


Untitled 4 - African celebrities that drive pink cars

The Lady that lectures her fellow on how to use and dump rich men is also following the trend that’s why she change the color of her 375hp, 5.0L Range Rover sports HSE which was produced between 2010-2013 and still with quite a good price tag of about $25,000 (9 million Nigeria Naira, 100,000 Ghanaian Cedis, 325,000 South Africa  Rands).

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