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Davido’s GLE 450 Mercedes Review

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Mr. David Adeleke aka OBO has always shared the same kind of taste like the entertainers of Europe and America when it comes to cars , the well travelled American born superstar must have inculcated the car culture of most of his American counterparts only that their fleet is more enviable than his, I pray that someday he will graduate from SUVs to more of exotic sports cars like the Lamborghinis and the Ferraris which I know he is dreaming of owning someday

as you can see from the pictures he mostly post on instagram where he poses with a variety of those cars. He has a good history with cars right from his 2011 Honda Accord to when he made he made his first big purchase which was the Audi Q7 and the list went on and on without any sign of slowing down.

The latest beauty in his stable right now is his beautiful white GLE 450 which is a part SUV, part four-door ‘coupe, it  could be seen as a catch-up model. Perhaps nobody expected the BMW X6 would be so successful, and thus a Benz spin-off model built from the same underpinnings as the existing ML-Class (and the new GLE) is late to the party. Indeed, Mercedes-Benz claimed at the launch of that it could have beaten the X6, and it may be wishing it did. As the X6 is to the X5, the GLE Coupe is more extroverted than the standard GLE, and the car gets plenty of glances from passersby – whether they like it or not is a different matter.


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You’d think that swoopy roofline would play havoc with the interior practicality of this big SUV, but there’s no doubt this is a better back-seat experience than the Bimmer. There’s surprisingly good headroom, and even with an optional sunroof there’s lots of it. Shoulder room is good – Benz claims it’s the widest rear seat bench in its class –and there’s decent leg room, too. Keeping those cool in the back is a set of low-mounted central air-vents, as well as pillar-mounted ones as well. The rear seats themselves are extremely comfortable, with a fantastic amount of under-thigh support that means you feel like you’re sitting in the seat, not on it.

And while the boot isn’t ideal for loading bulky parcels in, there’s plenty of space in the cargo hold: if you fold the adjustable rear seats flat, there’s 1720 litres of boot space, which is a “world record for luggage compartments in a coupe model”. With the seats up, it’s a 650L hold, which is more than the X6 (580L seats up/1520L folded) but less than the standard GLE SUV (690L/2010L).

Up front, the infotainment system is a bit of a mishmash of old and new – there’s the updated Command interface with touchpad, and a plethora of hot buttons on the dash that, while a bit dated looking, are actually quite helpful as navigating the menus using the rotary controller isn’t as intuitive as it is in a BMW or Audi. The 8.0-inch screen is reasonably quick to load, but it isn’t touch-capacitive.

Vision from the driver’s seat isn’t great, as you’d expect. Over-shoulder glances offer little reward, but thankfully the camera system – 360-degree surround-view on some models – helps in that regard. What can’t be helped, though, are the windscreen pillars, which make tightening corners a bit problematic. And passengers may be disappointed that on models fitted with the panoramic glass roof, there are no grab handles.



The GLE 450 is powered by twin-turbocharged V6 petrol with 270kW and 520Nm. It’s teamed to a nine-speed automatic gearbox, and the combination is a treat. The engine offers a smooth power progression and plenty of punch from low in the rev-range, while the auto ‘box offered smooth shifts. The powertrain was also quite accommodating to being revved out towards the red-line, and with ample reward – particularly in Sport+ mode, where the exhaust offers nice blats on the up-shifts.

Price tag

68,145 United State Dollars

24,566,272.50 Nigeria Naira

300,410.42 Ghana Cedis

957,553.10 South Africa Rand

(Source: Instagram and car advice)

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