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Emmanuel Adebayor’s S550 Review

emmanuel - Emmanuel Adebayor’s S550 Review

He is a superstar in his own right, the soccer player has played in the best teams in the world and he has been earning mind blowing weekly wages and bonuses. I have never been a football fan in my entire life it sounds weird for a guy I know, but when it comes to whips I look at everybody in every field of life that is how I get to know about most of this people that do what I don’t have a passion for, but do you know one of the things that make you and me in common with them it’s our love for good cars because this Togo born player with a Yoruba name that is based at Ghana has a weakness for fine automobiles, I have always been asking my brother were exactly he comes that he must be a Nigerian but we are yet to discover all we know for now is that he has an enviable garage that most of his fans cannot keep up with both in Ghana and at London but today we are going to review his newest baby which is the S550 with time I am going to review his other cars but I can’t help talking about this baby because apart from his two Rolls Royces (one at Ghana and the other at London) the S550 is the next big baby in his garage.

This is no doubt one of the most luxurious sedans that has ever been manufactured by any car maker and according to several automotive blogs in their review they can attest to the fact that is also one of the most expensive with a price tag starting at more than ($100,000) the machine is fitted with an executive rear seat package plus and other required packages and optional extras, the cars’ rear compartment looks like the cabin of a Boeing 777.


s550 - Emmanuel Adebayor’s S550 Review

Its dash contains two 12.3-inch TFT displays. The screen directly in front of the driver serves as a digital instrument cluster and is also capable of displaying other pertinent vehicle information, while the second screen at the center of the dash is for the multimedia system. It’s controlled through Mercedes-Benz’s COMAND interface, with a rotary knob on the console that is surrounded by buttons for direct access to key infotainment features.

The touchpad mounted atop the rotary knob is useful in theory, but on several occasions we accidentally rubbed a palm against the black bezel and triggered unwanted menu selections. Touchpad aside, COMAND remains easy to use overall. 


The S550 comes with a twin-turbocharged 4.7-liter V-8’s 449-hp orchestra. Backing up that engine is a new nine-speed automatic transmission; it serves up shifts that are as smooth as good scotch. Press the accelerator and the 5025-pound Benz takes off like a bottle rocket ,the two-and-a-half-ton, 206.5-inch-long, all-wheel-drive sedan  launches itself from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds , no doubt aided by its lower 4672-pound curb weight. Price tag

138,125 United State Dollars

49,794,062.50 Nigeria Naira

1945207.47 South Africa Rand

605678.12 Ghana Cedis

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