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Obafemi martins bentley bentayga review

Untitled 2 - Obafemi martins bentley bentayga review

Obagoal has always had a blossoming career since I started reading about him when he was playing in the Italian then from there UK came calling with a record breaking transfer fee. The life of luxury has always been a part of his DNA from mansions, cars, jewelry, clothes, shoes and expensive vacations, not to worry I am gathering some information on his car history and will be posting some by next year but today we are going to be reviewing his Bentley Bentayga.

The Bentley Bentaygacurrently the fastest and most expensive SUV on the market, it is an opening salvo to the ever-expanding SUV ranks, and it stands alone as the only nameplate—not simply a more powerful and gussied up variant. However, other ultraluxury makers, among them Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Maybach, Aston Martin, and likely even Ferrari, are rushing to join this party as swiftly as possible. Almost having the shape of an Audi Q7, the Bentayga points its nose skyward (not unlike many of its owners) and then charges forward like it’s trying to escape the atmosphere. Along the car comes  with nearly endless options small and large, even including unusual and comprehensive falconry and fly-fishing packages as well as a  Tourbillon by Breitling timepiece.


Untitled 3 - Obafemi martins bentley bentayga review

The Bentayga’s interior is really worth it’s price , with spectacular leather that extends all the way down the doors—where the cheapening out happens and leather turns to plastic on lesser vehicles—and over the entire headliner. (Of the 15 available standard colors of leather, our car wore a stunning two-tone brown/beige.) Other details worthy of the admiration of the numerous onlookers vying for a glimpse include an exquisite jewelry holder that clips into the front cupholders, elegant analog gauges (no digital cluster here to pander to the new-money crowd, thank you very much), the artfully rendered interior door handles, and a metal gas cap so weighty that those unaccustomed may fumble it during the first removal.

There’s switchgear borrowed from Audi, such as the cruise-control stalk and the steering-wheel knobs, but at least it is slathered in enough chrome to set it apart. Although the Bentayga’s limits aren’t exceedingly high on the all-season tires our test car wore and the tire squealing starts early, it is ready to play near the cornering limit, where a dab of the brakes brings about a meaningful rear-end rotation. Plus, there’s a selfie app built into the Android tablets of the rear-seat entertainment system, which seems spectacularly on point.


With a claimed top speed of 187 mph, Bentley boasts that the Bentayga is the fastest SUV in the world. The claim is made possible by a twin-turbo 6.0-liter W-12 that makes a mighty 600 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque; an eight-speed automatic drives all four wheels. The interior can be configured to seat four or five, and only the finest leather will cosset those lucky posteriors. Options include 22-inch wheels, rear-entertainment tablets, and a 1920-watt, 20 speaker audio system.

Price tag

300,125 United State Dollars

108,045,000 Nigeria Naira

1,340,133.16 Ghanaian Cedis,

4,062,549.01 South Africa Rands


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